The Results

The results of the Amal Project have been extremely successful and extraordinary.

Under the Amal Project, 6,400 widows and Female heads of households were able to launch sustainable micro-enterprises. The Amal Project also conducted over 38 meetings with government agencies to help widows access basic entitlements, allowing over 600 of them to register For government pension and even more for other services.

Not only were the widows able to generate income as a result of their businesses, 91% were able to pay down their debts, 75% were able to establish savings. Some widows enjoyed such strong success that they hired other widows to help them, fulfilling their obligations under the social contract. Some widows even hired men to help them in their businesses. Many younger widows were able to send their children, both sons and daughters, back to school.

Over 94% of the widows graduating from the Amal Project indicated that felt economically empowered.

The following statistics reveal some of the successes these widows have enjoyed.


of widows in the program achieved an increase in their household income due to the Amal Project


of Widows were able to establish savings from the income generated through the Amal Project


of widows who participated in the Amal Project say they feel financially independent


of widows claimed they established a better social status within their family as a result of income generated from Amal Project


of widows say they achieved a higher social status within their community as a result of income generated from Amal Project


of widows no longer had need to borrow money for household expenses after the launching of their small businesses through the Amal Project


widows claimed they felt economically empowered after the Amal Project


say they can cope with financial emergency

As the widow’s income increased, her exposure to domestic violience decreased


of widows felt confident to claim their legal rights